High-performance Film

SantacLB Sheet│

The adhesive layer of Santac LB sheet is Special Elastomer.
The elastomer melts with heat generated from Laser absorption spot(printing mask),and gives the excellent characterization.


  • High-bond Strength
    Hot melt adhesion performs strong bonding
    LB sheet is about twice the bond strength of standard tapes
  • Easy Rework
    It is possible to rework easily by re-irradiating laser to bonding area.
  • Impact Resistance
    Elastomer adhesive layer absorbs the drop impact.
  • Water-proof
    Elastomer adhesive layer applied with laser covers the bumpy surfacesand prevents water from coming in.


  • Bonding panel to housing(Adds narrow bezel and water proof)
  • Bonding battery to housing and pull-rework
  • Bonding BLU to LCD


Grade HS(B)-02-240 HS(B)-00-240 HS(B)-00-50
Feature High pushing strength,
High impact resistance,
Easy rework(Heating)
Excellent pushing strength,
Good follow to a little bump,
Excellent impact resistance,
Easy rework(Heating or Pulling)
High adhesion strength,
Easy rework(Heating or Pulling)


Push test

Push speed 7.5 mm/min

Impact test(-20℃)
Grade HS-02-240 HS-00-240 Comp.
Thickness um 240 200 200
Width mm 0.5 0.5 1.0
Peeling height cm 30 more than 35 Break glass 30

LB sheet:After pressing the tape with 1.0MPa, irradiate Laser at 3.5W×10 mm/sec. Cure for 24 hours.
Comp.Press:1.0MPa×30sec (Competitors 0.5MPa×30sec) Cure for 24 hours

Air leakage
Grade HS-02-240 HS-00-240 Comp.
Thickness um 240 200 200
Width mm 0.5 0.5 1.0
Air leakage kPa 20 20 5

The same conditions as impact test

If you pull to vertical direction in order to unfix Battery, Santac LB sheet withstands strong pull force.