High-performance Film


Realizing high degree of precision in coating thin film under clean environment
Variety of products (variety of kinds)・capable of accepting small number of order and also may customize according to the client's demand

classification grade of mold release    coating resin   delamination load(mN/50mm width) Measuring tape Feature
Ultra light release force Q2-ASI5 Silicon type 20 Nitto 31B Electrification prevention・characterisitc of exposure to atmosphere resistance・improvement in adhesion
FU(50) Silicon type 20
Light  SR(S) Silicon type 40 condensation type
A3 Silicon type 40 general type
C Silicon type 60 general type
E Silicon type 70 general type
medium~heavy release force  
V0 Silicon type 140 general type
V2 190
V4 270
V6 380
V8 520
K-ASI5 series
Light~heavy release force      
K0-ASI5 Silicon type 60 Electrification prevention・characterisitc of exposure to atmosphere resistance・improvement in adhesion
K2-ASI5 130
K4-ASI5 200
K6-ASI5 280
K8-ASI5 370
J series
Light~heavy release force        
J0L Silicon type 30 characterisitc of exposure to atmosphere resistance
J0 50
J2 120
J4 220
J6 320
J8 430
Ultra heavy release forcee X20 Silicon type 600 heavy release force
X08 Silicon type 800 heavy release force
Others P Silicon type 100 Giving the characteristic of printing (paintable)
HSP-ASI5 Silicon type 60 Electrification prevention・Stablization of high speed separation・ Stablization of aging separation
Ultra heavy release force TF535 Non-silicon type 2500 Non-silicone
TF235 Non-silicon type 5500 Non-silicone
Flourine type  SS1A Flourine type 70 Nippa No.100 For silicone adhesive
SS1B Flourine type 110
SS1C Flourine type 140
SS4A Flourine type 80
SS4B Flourine type 140
SS4C Flourine type 340
FSA6 Flourine type 70
FSB6 Flourine type 50
FSC6 Flourine type 50

★ The table shows measured data and can not be deemed as guaranteed value.

method of measurement

180° degrees 300㎜/min peel( measure after placing it indoor)

Base film (PET)thickness


Other base film

White PET・Matt PET・Sand Matt PET・Hair Line PET・Color Dry Lamination PET and etc.