High-performance Film

Acrylic Foam│


  1. This is an acrylic foam with excellent impact absorbance performance.
  2. Due to its low density, it can be compressed with a low load.
  3. The type with self-absorption on the surface can be temporarily fixed or reworked. A type without self-absorption on one side is also offered.




Iron ball drop test using acrylic foam

With acrylic foam With other material Acrylic Foam


    Acrylic foam ISR-ACF Series test videos


  • Impact absorbing and buffering materials and vibration suppression measures for mobile precision devices such as smartphones, car navigation systems, tablet devices and remote controls, liquid crystal displays (LCD), organic light emitting displays (OLED) and other electronic devices
  • Ripple (pooling) measures for LCDs


(Usage Example) Cross-sectional structure of smartphone

Acrylic Foam


Thickness (mm) 0.08~1.00 0.08~0.70
Density (g/cm3) 0.50 0.28
25% Compressive load (MPa) 0.076 0.006
Compression Set (%) *1 99%
Feature Standard type Soft type

※1. Under an environment of 25℃ and 40% RH, restorability compared with pre-compression of foam left for 24 hours at 30% compression has been confirmed.
※2. ISR-ACF-SFU density varies depending on thickness. Above values are for 0.15mm thickness.

Data in these materials are measured values and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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