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Space Ionizer System│

Construction of System

  1. Body portion
    ①The main body:IDS3000 
    ②Output monitor:IDS-002 
    ③High voltage cable (10m×4lines): IDH-2010
    ④A wire electrode (10m×4pcs): IDW-2003
  2. Frame part (H3.5m×8pcs)
  3. Main body setting stand
  • The Object are Particulate dusts(Effective Range: Wide Space)
  • Decrease of the humidity control cost spent ondestaticizing operations in clean room.
  • Polarity (±)irrelevant to the objects can be deleted.

Comparison between Space Ionizer System and Ionizer

Item Space Ionizer System Ionizer
Manner Discharges of High Voltages on
Special Electrical Lead
Positive and Negative Ions
Generation from Point Discharge
Shape of Electrode; SUS Material Electrical Lead Metal Pin
Need Air Supply or not Not necessarily Necessary for the most par
Dust Generation None Tip of Electrode may cause dust clustering
Ozone Generation or not No Yes
Maintenance & Care Clean Electrode; Clean and Change Electrode

Actual Erection Example 1: Effect of Construction: Reduction on Number of Particulate dust in Space

Actual Example 2: Effect of Construction: External humidity control is unnecessary.

Actual Example 3: Effect of Construction Reduction on foreign matters attached to wafer.

Security of System

Computation for Electricity Consumption