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Electrostatic Image system│

Electrostatic Image system│

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Portable, non-contact electrostatic imaging system
Available to monitor electrostatic charge in real time


  1. Number of sensors : 8 sensors
  2. Measurement area : 100×10mm
  3. Display : LED display (Red / Green)
  4. Accuracy :
    -Max. 5kV, ±10% (30mm distance)
    -Max. 2kV, ±10% (10mm distance)


  • Measurement of charge distribution on material surfaces
  • Measurement of charge transfer on material surfaces
  • Charging and monitoring of products on production lines
  • Monitoring of electrostatic charge on workers

How does HSK-5008L work?

  • Making it possible to see the amount of electrostatic charge at a glance.
    The amount of static charge and polarity is indicated by color shade and change
    (Red indicates a positive electric charge, green a negative)
  • It is equipped with 8 sensors, allowing you to perceive static electricity instantly and detect electric field.
  • Mode : Value mode / Visual mode
    It's possible to display Value mode and Visual mode connecting it with your PC.

Value mode Visual mode